Selected Work

I am Ben and I create experiences.

About me blah blahb lbah aren't i wonderful? Here are my principles:

Protect the user
Build systems, not one-offs
Prioritize the noise

Compared to its predecessor, FarmVille 2 was a quantum leap forward. I was tabbed to lead UI/UX and helped develop deeper game mechanics, revamped interaction models, and a cleaner, more delightful experience overall. 

FarmVille 2 quickly became Facebook's #1 game and Zynga's top revenue source. 


English Countryside was FarmVille's biggest and most ambitious project. It introduced an entirely new farm to users, with deep fiction and new gameplay, including a sophisticated new breeding mechanic. I created all UI as well as help develop features and mechanics.

Both the expansion model and the breeding mechanic were so successful that they largely defined the business strategy from that point on.


Poker Blitz was a small spinoff from Zynga's popular Poker app. We wanted to create a low-pressure, arcade-style experience: the boss battles, powerups and collaborative social mechanics were all aimed at the more casual player.