FarmVille English Countryside

Challenge: FarmVille was a smash hit, but users were running out of room on their farms. We wanted to deliver a brand new experience that would also be a huge revenue boost. We needed to create a second farm expansion which would lead the user through a brand new experience.

Approach: We knew we needed to have a second farm for the users, but we didn’t know what the experience would be. We did some polling and the theme that was the clear winner was the English Countryside. We knew we wanted to have a strong fiction around it, so we developed a whole story and cast of characters. 

Solution: By wrapping everything up in a fictional package we led the users on a journey that was easily accessible. 

Outcome: By designing the system to be extensible, it opened up new gameplay opportunities for the user and new revenue opportunities for the company. The English Countryside was so successful that it became the basis for the strategy moving forward. By encapsulating everything is